Building Quantum-Resilient Data Security - Watch the Recorded Session

Did you miss our webinar on how to build quantum-resilient data protection or would like to watch it again? You can now view the session's recording and material online.

During the webinar, QuintessenceLabs CTO, John Leiseboer talked about Quantum Computing and its significant implications on data protection.  He also shared strategies to build quantum resilience, from the use of true random numbers, post-quantum encryption algorithms, key wrapping, through to the potential of quantum key distribution (QKD); all security approaches that will help protect your data from attacks by the quantum computers of tomorrow. 


Key Takeaways:
  • Which security techniques will be vulnerable – or more resilient - to quantum attacks
  • The importance of entropy, symmetric keys and key wrapping for quantum resilience
  • What about quantum-resistant algorithms?
  • Overview of Quantum Key Distribution
  • Timing of quantum risks – when do you need to act?

JL 1John Leiseboer
Chief Technical Officer                                       

John has worked in the fields of communications, and information security for over thirty-five years, designing and architecting commercial and military communications and information security hardware, software and systems.

He is also the founding CTO at QuintessenceLabs, responsible for the research, design and development of key management, comsec and infosec products. He has contributed to the development of multiple major security standards. 


180905 Skip Cropped

Skip Norton
VP Sales, Americas

Skip Norton is an experienced executive sales and business development manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information security services industry, specifically encryption solutions and technologies.